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Amptron 200W 12V Mono-crystalline solar blanket kit

Amptron 200W 12V Mono-crystalline solar blanket kit

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The union of technology and the sun - finally. If you get somewhere and want to stay there, and you also want crisp lettuce or cold beer or chilled chardonnay then you might need one of these. Pair with this




The light weight compact foldable solar blanket is a convenient portable solar electric generator to supply energy for your charging needs. The blanket utilises quality high efficiency cells and quality fabrics. The versatile weatherproof design provides multiple mounting and connection options, including an integrated magnetic back.

  • Compact size and light weight.
  • High efficiency Monocrystalline Cells with outstanding electrical performance in higher temperatures and low irradiation.
  • Splash proof polyester fabric with no exposed sections.
  • Long life with fabric-fabric stitching.
  • Anderson connectors for easy interchange connection.
  • Includes 30Amp PWM Solar Controller, 5m Anderson Extension Cable, 0.6m long Cable with Anderson connectors, Anderson to ring terminal adapter, and Anderson to Alligator Clips adapter, in a Foam padded heavy duty carry bag.
  • Multiple Mounting Options
  • ​Easy to Hold/Suspend loops.


200W 12V Mono-crystalline solar blanket k​it​ 
Maximum power rating
Pmax 200 Watts (25w x 8)
Solar Blanket dimensions
L-1855mm x W-1000mm x H-85mm
Tolerance on power output
+/- 6.0%
Current at max power
Imax 11.0 Amps
Voltage at max power
Vmax 18.17 Volts
Short circuit current
Isc 11.68 Amps
Open circuit voltage
Voc 21.44 Volts
No of cells
32 x 8
Temperature Coefficients 
Isc +0.047%/0C,  Voc -0.323%/0C,  FF -0.117%/0C
STC Intensity 1000W/M2
Module Temperature 250C
Spectrum AM=1.5
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