Collection: Tables

Tables are just so darn useful, and as humans we've been using them a long time. And we've learned a lot about what makes a good camp table over the years, so here we bring you the ones we love the most.

Some things we like about tables;

  1. A table should keep things off the ground - we know this is stating the obvious - but one thing we don't like is having to put a hot pan in the sand... everything gets sandy. And in case you've not experienced it yet, Australia can be fairly sandy. 
  2. Metal can be great - it is excellent to be able to put a crazy-hot steel pan straight onto your table and not give a stuff, or have a divorce.
  3. It should be pretty strong and robust and still pretty light 
  4. It should be more than a table - not just a nice thing, but hopefully it has a good way of being packed away, can slot into an ingenious spot, so it's easy to lug and a pleasure to use.