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Belmont BM-281 Iron wood rack / table (with storage case)

Belmont BM-281 Iron wood rack / table (with storage case)

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The Overlanders is excited to be the importer of the excellently made and inventive Belmont gear, made in Japan. 

Here is a super, strong little table - this is a set (BM 281) that includes a strong table with a place for storing wood (or even a pan) under.

Storing wood this way is actually nicer than we expected - until now we were happy to have wood on the ground - but what really happens is that it's messy - you want it kinda close to the fire but everybody is always tripping on it, and it spreads around. Arrrrg. So if you like a neat camp this is very good. 

A few things that we've learned about camp tables;

1. metal is great - it is excellent to be able to put a crazy-hot steel pan straight onto your table and not give a stuff, or have a divorce.

2. it should be pretty strong - this one is darn strong. The way it goes together is simple and robust. And it's still a pretty light table. Any lighter would be no good.

3. it should keep things off the ground - we know this is stating the obvious - but one thing we don't like is having to put a hot pan in the sand... everything gets sandy. 

With this table a bit of heavy wood makes the table secure and the feet grab the ground nicely.

Another cool thing is that this table can be combined with BM-283 Iron Rack Plus, to make a third tier, or you can use them all separately, depending on what's going on at camp.

The storage case is a light nylon case and we'll work on a strong canvas bag for it... watch this space.

Another piece of creative thinking and good manufacturing from the Belmont guys, made in Japan


  • Material: Iron (cation electrodeposition coating), Top plate: Iron (black chromate plating)
  • Size: Approximately 590 x 280 x 300 mm, when stored: Approximately 590 x 280 x 90 mm
  • Weight: Approximately 3.6 kg
  • Load capacity: Top plate: 30 kg, Rack: 40 kg


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