About Us

the overlanders and autohome

Overlanders Simon & Ivan

We've been hiking, cycling and touring across Australia for years, regularly out and about in our Landrover Defenders. We've tried and obsessed over every form of sleep system...the trusty swag, tents of all types and sizes, hammocks, sleeping in the back of our cars, and finally rooftop tents. Simon bought a 30yr old Autohome Columbus...and it went from there.

Our AMAZING country

We live in an amazing part of the world, one of the largest tracts of sparsely inhabited land on earth, a hugely diverse continent covered in wild snowy mountain peaks, deserts, tropical forests, from sweeping coastlines to the red centre. 

To travel across the land, enjoy its vistas and sunsets, sit beneath a billion stars and listen to the night as it comes alive...to wake up and see newly made animal tracks across the sand, to go there and bring back memories. That's what an overlander does. That's why we love overlanding. And that's why we're here.

Stuff you only need to buy once 

We're glad to be sharing with you our obsession with things that last and work beautifully; we’ve always valued wonderfully crafted and beautifully engineered equipment. We take the best stuff to the best places.

When it’s simple, built well, works reliably, is light and robust and serves its purpose perfectly, its a pleasure to own. You take care of it and it takes care of you. Its an essential part of the journey - the overlander takes only what is necessary. Good equipment lasts decades, is rarely superseded, and because it lasts generations, it leaves as small an environmental footprint as possible. We're proud to share things from the people and places that invented them and have made them for years and years. 

That's the equipment we use ourselves, and its what we bring to you through The Overlanders - stuff you only have to buy once.