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Amptron P750 750Wh Lithium Portable Power Pack

Amptron P750 750Wh Lithium Portable Power Pack

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At Overlanders we're regular users of Amptron products, and a fan of the quality. A good part of an overlanders collection. Great that these days you can snap up one of these and power a fridge or lord, an electric blanket, and not have to undergo an involved auxiliary battery installation. Easy-as. And good.

What Amptron say:

The AMPTRON® P750 is an extremely compact yet powerful Lithium portable power solution. It stores a huge 750Wh of energy , which provides the equivalent usable energy of about a 12V 100Ah AGM battery while weighing less than 7.5kg, and is about the size of your toaster! With its convenient carrying handle the P750 provides a versatile multi-functional package providing quiet clean energy for your electronics needs while on the move.

The P750 can also be used as a dual battery system alternative, with its capability of being charged from multiple charge sources including mains charging, solar, and DC-DC charging through either the Cig plug adapter or compatible Anderson plug DC-DC adapter (*** sold separately). With the P750, you no longer need to install a dual battery system every time you change vehicles, with the added benefit of being very portable due to its extremely light weight and compact size.

The P750 is a truly versatile power source with multiple different outlets, ranging from various types of USB outlets, a 12V Cig plug and a built-in 230VAC 300W inverter! This power pack has an integrated easy to read digital display showing the current state of charge of the battery as well as the energy rate that is being consumed.

The powerful internal Lithium Ion battery cells are monitored and managed by the built-in management system protecting and balancing the cells, resulting in a long service life. This power pack will perform more efficiently than what you can expect from a conventional Lead-Acid battery system. The power pack also has a long shelf storage life and does not need to be kept topped up, making it very convenient for in-between uses.

The P750 Lithium Portable Power Pack is the most advanced, powerful, compact and lightweight portable energy solution in its class.


Portable Power Pack
 Equivalent to 12V 60Ah
300 x 170 x 233mm
Mains Supply for charging
85W 17V 5A Charger
10 hours to fully charge   
Solar charging
60W solar panel
100W solar panel
​150w solar panel
​200W solar panel
Anderson plug charge adapter
12v max 30A or 17v 60w
USB Type A Output x 3
5v 2A
USB Type C Output x 2
Output voltage range 11.2v - 16.8v max continuous current 15A
Cig Plug Output
Output voltage range 11.2v - 16.8v max continuous current 15A
DC Output x 2 
12v 2A
AC Output 
Pure Sine Wave - Max Sustained output 300W
Operating Temperature
-10°C ~55°C
All electrical characteristics were tested at 25°C
​Cycle Life
​>1000 cycles at 100% Depth of Discharge (DoD)
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