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Wings for Maggiolina / Airtop, by Autohome

Wings for Maggiolina / Airtop, by Autohome

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Entrance protection for the sides of the Maggiona and Airtop hard shell tents, these 'bat wings' provide pretty generous cover along the tent edges, and over the ladder. They also give good privacy. They come as pair but can be used separately.

Made of Airtex fabric with a light weight aluminium frame. The set is only a few kg and comes in a nice bag, so you can store them in the car and use them when needed. They can also be left in place, attached to the tent, and folded in to the tent when you close it (with removal of some of the frame components).

For an awning, they are simple and light. 

To fit the awning, you fasten the top pole into loops that are present in the top shells of the tent, and the body of the awning simply rests against the side of the tent. If it's gusty then you can attach the supplied guy ropes to the ground or to the vehicle. 

The come in two colours, Carbon which is a dark gray and matches the tents with white shells and carbon fabric, and the Black Storm tents. And Gray which matches the tents with gray fabric.

Dimensions: width 160 cm jutting 85 cm.


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