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The Overlanders

Roof Top Tent Kit Comfort Plus mattress up-grade

Roof Top Tent Kit Comfort Plus mattress up-grade

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Kit Comfort Plus mattress up-grade for Autohome® hard shell roof top tents

This is a complete mattress replacement that combines a memory foam mattress with a super-nice German made set of under-springs that you piece together to suit the shape of the specific tent model.

It's akin to an 'orthopedic' mattress - it forms better to the body than even a good foam can, and alleviates pressure spots. It's pretty cool. We've been using one and now that we have it we're sticking with it. So nice. 

It has the added advantage that air can circulate through the area with springs in it so that moisture that might collect there can move out.   

Like the under mattress air circulation system that is a good thing for Overlanders... if you're on the tracks for a while, especially if you're camping in a damp environment or through cold winter nights, naturally your body makes moisture, and while the fabric of the Autohome roof top tents is absolutely ridiculously stellar, these help too, to manage condensation and to keep everything drier. 

These are available for all tent models, if we do not have yours in stock please let us know you're interested and we can get one in. 

A pretty opulent thing to sleep on but heck there is something marvelous about waking up to raindrops on the roof with a spectacular view next to you, and a light weight, ridiculously comfy bed. 

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