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The Overlanders

Overlanders Titanium Double-wall Cup, Blue, made in Japan

Overlanders Titanium Double-wall Cup, Blue, made in Japan

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Overlanders Double-Wall Titanium Cup / Tumbler 250ml

Perhaps our most used piece of camping equipment.

If you haven't come across double-wall titanium cups before, you're about to make a good, dear friend. We bought some of these years ago, and they still bring the kind of joy that comes from things that just work brilliantly, feel lovely to use, look good, and will outlast us.

We know, it's a lot to say about a cup. You can drink out of your hat if you like. I remember my dad had a corduroy cap and he'd scoop water out of a stream with it. Well, if you don't want to use your hat, and you don't mind investing in repeated joy, just go past the enamel cups and burned lips, and get one of these.

That's the end of the poem. There's no more to say about it.

Except for this:


The 250ml cup is just great, and is our new favourite. It’s the perfect size for a good Aeropress draw - any more and it’s too watery. And in the evenings switch it over for a glass of wine and keep your Gewürztraminer cool. Now it’s the most used size in our kit.

Dia. 80 mm X Height 84 mm, Weight 70g Volume 250Cc


Using a twin wall design these cups keep your drink toasty warm or freezy cold - without passing that on to your hand or burning your mouth. There’s really no other way to go. Give your old enamel cups a respectful burial and get on the double-wall wagon.


There is a warmth to this magical metal that needs to be felt, the way they are produced imparts a delicate surface texture that just feels like something that came straight out of the big bang, fast forwarded some billions of years, and was then processed by skilled crafts-people.

Endorsed by Hot Lips Houlihan 

“A real joy of the twin wall cup is that it does not get all hot and burn your mouth.”

Remembering Sally Kellerman - Psyne Co.


Material: Grade 1 double-wall titanium, anodised 

Size: 250ml (just right)

Does it fit an aeropress? Yes

Made for us in Japan by the inimitable Horie. The Japanese technology for twin wall Ti is really a step above the other options out there. They’re pretty incredible, the craftsmanship is exquisite.


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