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Muk Mat

Muk Mat

Muk Mat

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The original artificial grass mat.

Muk Mats are surprisingly comfy on the ground, and keep you drier than the grass and less sandy than the sand. Roll up easy. Kids gravitate to them. Ace. These are made in Queensland, and we're glad to have them. Australian owned, like us!

We have them with the black trim because that's our favourite version. 

The large size is good for a couple of kids to perch on. Also use them at the bottom of an RTT ladder, something to wipe feet on.

40mm Polyethylene multi-filament yarn, very plush and long blades that feel soft underfoot.

UV protected materials, however, avoid long exposure to direct sunlight to prevent overheating. 

When you’re finished using your artificial grass mat, simply shake, rinse and store out of direct sunlight to avoid overheating. For easy storage, roll up and secure with the handy velcro strap.

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