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Overlanders and Front Runner

We proudly work with Front Runner to deliver our customers with the Front Runner Slimline II roof rack system and load bars. Its the roof rack system we've used on our own vehicles for many years before we became a Front Runner dealer and one which is built solidly enough for the rigors of off-road travel. 

Front Runner Load Bar Kits

The load bar slats are nice and broad at 90mm wide and 25mm high, and have a tough powdercoat and a neat and good-looking aluminium extrusion profile. The centre channel to the top and bottom accepts an 8mm bolt. The slats can become part of the modular platform system, and range in lengths: 1165, 1255, 1345, 1425 and 1575mm ! 

From a simple cross bar to a fully accessorised platform, there are literally hundreds of configurations available. 

Give us a ring or shoot us a message to ask about the right rack for your specific vehicle, varying bar lengths, pricing etc, and we can put together the right system for you.

So if you don't see the thing you want here please get in touch and we can put the right kit together for you - we do lots of Front Runner 3-bar kits for the roof top tents, and put together load bar kits for specific situations. 

Different load bar sets have different leg heights to accommodate different vehicles - especially with gutter-mount kits. 

We can freight to you or drop in to our Sunshine West warehouse to pick up your gear.

If you'd like to view the Slimline II roof racking system, we have a demonstration unit in stock, displaying the construction method, and some of the hundreds of attachments. 

And check out the T-slot rubber that goes with them.

Apart from the Overlanders (of course), click on the image below to check out the Front Runner Pride, and see some other Front Runner heroes. 

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