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Iwachu Rice Pot 3 (a.k.a. next-level dutch-oven)

Iwachu Rice Pot 3 (a.k.a. next-level dutch-oven)

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Nanbu Tekki ironware pot produced in the Iwate Prefecture of Japan

The traditional clay molding process of Nanbu ironware gives a very particular fine bumpy texture with a certain kind of smoothness that results in a particularly nice non-stick surface. It holds a seasoning really well and things just slide around on it. 

This is cast iron so when it gets hot it holds it heat, and the heat is really even. Great to cook in - if you haven't done it you've got to try. The Japanese cast iron is the perfect thickness to get even heat that stays there.

This is an amazing pot - we never really thought dutch ovens were amazing, but this one is. The weight of it is nice to use over a fire as it stops things burning but keeps things cooking. It's just so damn nice to use. There is a ledge for a spoon or coals, you can pile coals on the lid no worries, it's got hold-able handles. It's the nicest dutch oven style pot we've seen. We like to take the best stuff to the best places - good places and good folk and good fires is what camping is all about - so take the good stuff - make the whole thing a pleasure - this pot takes it to the next level.

3 person pot Size 28×22×H13.5cm, Inner diameter 18×18×D11cm

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