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Iwachu Omuretto Omelette Pan

Iwachu Omuretto Omelette Pan

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Nanbu Tekki ironware pan produced in the Iwate Prefecture of Japan

The traditional clay molding process of Nanbu ironware gives a fine bumpy texture but with a certain smoothness that results in a particularly good non-stick surface. It also holds a seasoning excellently. Your eggs will slip around in this thing and you can wipe it clean with a paper towel - a nice way to save water if you're on a trek in the middle of nowhere.

This is cast iron so when it gets hot it holds it heat, and the heat is really even. Great to cook in - if you haven't done it you've got to try. The Japanese cast iron is the perfect thickness to get even heat that stays there. And combined with the Nanbu texture it just works. 

There is more mass in these pans than in say a Solid Teknics pan - and we really like to have both on the go for different things - they handle dishes differently - the more mass you have, the longer it holds the heat, more evenly. 

This is designed as an omelette pan - if you haven't smashed out an omelette Japanese style its worth a try - it's super quick - and this pan is designed to be able to roll the omelette. It's a cool skill. Impress other campers. You can do it with other pans but this one is made for it. But it is also a practical cast iron pan you can use for anything and it's good for tossing stuff around, which is nice around a fire because you can turn stuff in the pan without utensils, which are never where you left them when at camp. These things are a joy to use.

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