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Front Runner

Hard Shell Tent Support Channels by Front Runner

Hard Shell Tent Support Channels by Front Runner

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The quick release roof top tent mounting system is great idea and well executed by the folk at Front Runner. Us it to quickly release the tent from a platform rack or load bars.


You do need these support channels in order to distribute the load from the point supports of the quick release feet, across the base of the tent. Fix them as close the feet as possible.


The whole assembly will raise the tent a bit, which also gives you the vertical space you need to mount a range of accessories to the side rail of the roof rack, so that's an extra bonus to using the quick release system. Such accessories includes the awesome Front Runner table which is in itself a good reason for using the system.


What Front Runner have to say:

  • Works with the Quick Release Tent Mount Kit / 4 Piece.
  • Add extra lateral support for your tent to avoid unwanted flexing of the hard shell.
  • Use these when the edges of a hard shell tent mounted with the Quick Release Tent Mount Kit / 4 Piece are not supported by the side profiles of a Front Runner Roof Rack. 
  • Fits popular brands such as Auto Home and James Baroud.
  • Easily secures to the underside of your tent using the mounting channels.
  • No drilling or modification of your tent is required.


Consists of:
1 x Pair of Hard Shell Tent Support Channels
Installation Hardware
Fitting Instructions

Materials used:
3mm Black powder coated high strength steel

Product Dimensions:
1094mm (43.1") L x 90mm (3.5") W x 23mm (0.9") H (Per Channel)

6.2kg (13.7lbs) (Per Pair)


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