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Evo Corse

GR Yaris Evo Corse Sanremo Corse 9x18"

GR Yaris Evo Corse Sanremo Corse 9x18"

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If you've ever watched the Paris-Dakar or the WRC you've watched Evo Corse win it again and again. Ubiquitous as the premium alloy race wheel, and super-strong. A great way to save some rotating mass on your vehicle, and to get some kick-ass looking shoes on your ride. Made in Italy.

The fantastic GR Yaris can be supplied with a 60.1mm custom center bore hole, or a more standard 75mm bore paired with a centering ring. 

Colours are available in a full range, in matt and gloss finishes, including bronze, anthracite, silver, gold, white.

SanremoCorse is the range of alloy wheels for tarmac rally. Other styles are available, give us a ring on 03 9005 7058 to chat options, we love talking wheels.

Its structure is primarily designed to resist heavy loads while maintaining necessary lightness. The rim contour allows the installation of the largest brake calipers, up to the WRC measures, while the design of the lips facilitates the mounting of hard tires.

SanremoCorse is perfect also for road cars, including high resistance lug nuts and a hub cap with the EVO Corse badge.

Evo Corse use a three layer powder coating system giving extremely high wear resistance. 

Includes nuts and centre caps.

Sometimes you just need to put on some Italian shoes, and drive down a road. In style. With a smile on your face. 


Toyota GR Yaris Type XP210 (2020 - -)


Diameter 18
Width 9
ET 45 or 48
Holes 5
PCD 114.3
Hubcap seat Present
Wheel center bore 60.1 or 75 (with ring)
Steel insert SI
Nut cone 60°
Centering ring SI
Use Road
Color White, Bronze, Anthracite, Black, Gold, Silver
CB 60,10
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