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Evo Corse

Toyota Land Cruiser 75, 76, 78 Troopy & 79 Series 16 x 8" ET0, ET-20 Evo Corse Dakar Zero Alloy Wheels

Toyota Land Cruiser 75, 76, 78 Troopy & 79 Series 16 x 8" ET0, ET-20 Evo Corse Dakar Zero Alloy Wheels

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If you've ever watched the Paris-Dakar or the WRC you've watched Evo Corse win it again and again. Ubiquitous as the premium alloy race wheel, and super-strong. A great way to save some rotating mass on your vehicle, and to get some world class, rally-capable, kick-ass looking shoes on your ride. Made in Italy.

The Dakar series are a wheel dedicated to off-road, cross-country rally and rally raid.

The spokes internal to the tire edge protect the mechanical parts from stone chippings and sand, while the wide hump profile allows the use of tires at low inflation pressure and increases vehicle stability.

Evo Corse use a three layer powder coating system giving extremely high wear resistance. 

The cruiser 70 series (75, 76, 78, 79 etc) is a lovely retro beast, that comes with old shoes. Get some new ones, and get #OutThere.

The strongest alloy wheel upgrade for your Land Cruiser 78 Troopy which we know is a bit lacking in the shoe department. Or your wagon or Land Cruiser ute. There are quite a few options - so if you’re after a 16 x 7 to get a nice long cheese-cutter footprint in the sand, give us a bell and we can source them for you.

The colours are amazing.. black is always rad, and if you’d like some thing to write home about, the glossy bronze is a sight to behold; the anthracite a kind of storm-cloud metallic, and the mat bronze, maybe a favourite - if you’re not sure just give us a shout. 


Toyota Land Cruiser Type J100 (1998 - 2007)
Toyota Land Cruiser Type J200 (2007 - 2016)
Toyota Land Cruiser Type J70 (1999 - -)


Diameter 16
Width 8
ET 0 or -20
Holes 5
PCD 150
Hubcap seat Present
Wheel center bore 110.1
Steel insert SI
Nut cone 60°
Centering ring NO
Use Off-road
Color As ordered
Note_ruote cap Dakar 5x150
CB 110,1


(Shout-out to Sid Pandey, for the troopy photos.)


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