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Autohome Roof Top Tent Sticker - Front

Autohome Roof Top Tent Sticker - Front

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Hard Shell Roof Top Tent Stickers 

It's a good sign when a manufacturer is so good at providing small replacement parts, as it means they want the things they make to keep going for a long time.

And it's also a good sign when you can repair things that have been camped in for 40 years. The Autohome fiberglass is finished with a durable gel coat, the same way you build a boat. So you can take it to a boat builder or fiberglass expert after a few decades, and if you're in the mood, have them restore the surface to a brand new finish. 

And after that, stick these on! And keep camping until you're 100.

The front stickers are a high quality vinyl sticker, and it's the same sticker for all the tents. 


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