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Autohome Ground Feet

Autohome Ground Feet

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Autohome ground feet. Expand the use of your tent. Get these on there and chuck it in the shed for your aunt and uncle :)

...or of course if you intend to stay at camp in one spot for a while then please give you the option of leaving the tent set up on the ground while you motor off on adventures.

Four strong feet allows you to place your Maggiolina on the floor if desired. Measuring 25 cm high a safe distance from floor humidity, water, insects, stones etc.

Foldable and clutter free they can be installed in any desired position, to the rails underneath the tent. The feet can stay in place while the tent is on the vehicle.

Useful in camping sites or residential areas which prohibit the entry of vehicles during the night.

Available for the hardshell rooftop tents, Maggiolina, Airtop and Columbus, as well as the classic soft-shell roof tent series, the Overland, Airlander and Overcamp.

Nicely made, in Italy

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