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Belmont TOKOBI Bonfire Steel Plate (with sides)

Belmont TOKOBI Bonfire Steel Plate (with sides)

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The Overlanders is excited to be the importer of the excellently made and inventive Belmont gear, made in Japan. 

Here is the Tokobi Bonfire Steel Plate that includes a quite beautifully made and pretty thick and heavy, but not too thick or heavy steel plate that can be place either above the bonfire, or hung underneath it using the included side pieces. Pretty cool - so you can make pizzas or toast by placing food underneath the fire and using it as a grill from the top.  

The plate is deep enough that it'll pretty much replace a frying pan - you could do eggs in there, a stir-fry, whatever. Maybe a bit shallow for a stew, but many things will work. 

Its mild steel so you can get a great non-stick surface going with a bit of seasoning. Coat it in a little oil after use. And it's a nice thickness - similar to Solid Teknics pans - thin enough to be responsive and thick enough to disperse the heat well.

This kit will fit into the tough bag (available separately), with the bonfire - so you have everything together ready to go.


Material / Blue Temper Steel, (sides 18-8 Stainless)

Size / Iron plate: Approx. 402 x 225 x Thickness 2.3 mm , Side plate: Approx. 210 x 195 mm x 2 sheets

Weight / Iron plate: Approximately 2 kg, Side plate: Approximately 315 g x 2 sheets


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