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Belmont TOKOBI Bonfire/ fire pit - Made in Japan

Belmont TOKOBI Bonfire/ fire pit - Made in Japan

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The Overlanders is excited to be the importer of the excellently made and inventive Belmont gear, made in Japan. 

Here is the Tokobi - this is a set (BM-277) that includes the basic bonfire, plus two extra pieces of stainless mesh at the ends, and the stainless steel grill racks and rack stands.

It's such a clever design; so good for cooking and you can load it up and it'll punch out plenty of warming heat too. It'll take a 40cm log, and is deceptively strong.

We love the way you can choose two different levels to place the racks, and you can also slide them from end to end. You can really control the heat. The best steak I ever cooked was on this thing.

It comes with a light nylon bag, and we've also brought in the tough PVC bags too, which we recommend for long term lugging.

We've used the Snowpeak Fire Pit for ages and love that design, it's very tough. This on the other hand it a LOT lighter weight - at about 3kg for the set. And it packs down smaller. So you can pretty much just leave it in the car always, and that way it's always there. You can make a small cooking fire really easily using twiggy bits of eucalyptus and it gets going fast - can't beat cooking on the fire, the smoky flavour just gets into everything. Soooo good. The large Snowpeak is better for a big fire, but now if we're cooking and don't need a massive fire then we tend to reach past the Snowpeak and grab the Tokobi.

Check out other cool stuff from the Belmont guys, like their ace tables :)

Material: 18-8 stainless steel, storage case: nylon. Weight: Approximately 3.2 kg 

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