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Awning for Maggiolina / Airtop, by Autohome

Awning for Maggiolina / Airtop, by Autohome

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A light weight awning that provides entrance protection and an adjoining covered area for the Maggiona and Airtop hard shell tents. The awning has an aluminium click-together frame to support the roof, so it’s a solid rain-proof and sun-proof area. A bit more to set-up than the wings, but some invaluable space if you’re really caught in the rain for a day or longer, and properly covers the entrance to the tent. We like that it’s very light weight compared with a 270 degree awning, and can be kept low down in the car somewhere, until needed. Camping in the rain sucks without good cover.

Made of Airtex fabric with a light weight aluminium frame. The set is only a few kg and comes in a nice bag.

To fit the awning, fasten the top pole into loops that are present in the top shells of the tent, then set up onto the poles and fix to the ground with the supplied pegs. The 'roof' of the awning is supported and kept rigid by a tubular click-together aluminium pole frame.

The awning comes in two colours, Carbon which is a dark gray and matches the tents with white shells and carbon fabric, and the Black Storm tents. And Gray which matches the tents with gray fabric.

This will fit a car with rack that is 186 to 220cm from the ground  

Dimensions: width 200 cm x 160 cm.


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