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Awning for Columbus, by Autohome

Awning for Columbus, by Autohome

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A light weight awning that provides entrance protection and an adjoining covered area for the Columbus hard shell roof top tents.

A solid rain-proof and sun-proof area. Some invaluable space if you’re really caught in the rain, and properly covers the entrance to the tent. We like that it’s very light weight compared with a 270 degree awning, and can be kept low down in the car somewhere, until needed. Camping in the rain sucks without good cover.

Made of Airtex fabric with a light weight aluminium frame. The set is only a few kg and comes in a nice bag.

To fit, the awning mounts to the top shell of your Columbus, and comes down to a pair of aluminium poles, joined by a cross-piece. The base of the awning is then pegged to ground. 

The awning comes in two colours, Carbon which is a dark gray and matches the tents with white shells and carbon fabric, and the Black Storm tents. And Gray which matches the tents with gray fabric.

This will fit a car with rack that is 186 to 220cm from the ground  

Suitable for Columbus built post 2017 

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