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Autohome X Land Rover

Autohome X Land Rover

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Autohome X Land Rover

This rather extremely good-looking tent is the result of a collaboration between Autohome and Land Rover; a result of the experience of those who invented and patented the hard shell roof tent in 1958, and in 1948 those who invented the great British 4x4 work-horse and now the new Defender; both utilitarian works of art capable of delivering us, in comfort, to the best places. 

It's closely based on the Columbus and like the Columbus is light, robust and ridiculously fast and easy to set-up. And with a nice tall space and a very tall window, at the open end. Strong and beautifully built.


Compared with the Columbus, Autohome and LR have slightly tweaked the design of the side-entry-door, which is optimised on this particular model for the use the OEM explorer ladder, which if optioned is fixed to the side of the car almost right at the back.

The tent does nonetheless come with it's own ladder, in black, and in an extra-long length. 

This tent also includes a wide clamp-set that'll work on the EOM explorer roof rack. 

Also included is a lot of black; black trim, black latch. The labelling is also very subtle. It's a hat that looks very much in place on the new Defender.



The LR tent comes in a Small Extra-long size. We've used the 130 cm 'small' width tent heaps of times for two adults and it's fine. If you're a bit bigger or just keen on more space you'll notice the extra room in the 145cm medium, especially if you're trying to squeeze a little third wheel in there. Medium tents are available in other models, and will fit your land rover fine too, although on the new Defender the narrower 130cm looks neat.



130 x 230 cm

Close h:

33 cm

Open h:

150 cm

Approx. Weight:

64 Kg*



Opening the tent

Shells open automatically using 2 gas struts, made by Suspa in Germany. Fitted with Windstops struts may be locked into position, making for greater stability in strong winds.


Why Autohome? 

Please jump to our page here about the virtues of this ace company and their tents, manufactured in Italy since 1958, they patented the first roof top tent. If you've seen a roof top tent out there, it's a copy of an Autohome, the grand-parent and still the innovator of its class.



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