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Autohome Roof Top Tent Stickers (decals) - Rear

Autohome Roof Top Tent Stickers (decals) - Rear

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Hard Shell Roof Top Tent Stickers 

It's a good sign when a manufacturer is so good at providing small replacement parts, as it means they want the things they make to keep going for a long time.

And it's also a good sign when you can repair things that have been camped in for 40 years. The Autohome fiberglass is finished with a durable gel coat, the same way you build a boat. So you can take it to a boat builder or fiberglass expert after a few decades, and if you're in the mood, have them restore the surface to a brand new finish. 

And after that, stick these on! And keep camping until you're 100.

High quality stickers, the rear ones stand out from the surface... not sure what the technical term for this is... maybe just 'very-nice'.


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