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Autohome Maggiolina Grand Tour 360

Autohome Maggiolina Grand Tour 360

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Autohome Maggiolina Grand Tour 360

Autohome's Maggiolina roof top tent is perhaps the most iconic hard-shell roof top tent ever and the Grand Tour 360 is just more. More space inside (the Grand Tour models have more volume inside the top shell), and more windows and ventilation with the 360 degree windows.

It benefits, as do all the tents in the Maggiolina range, from the controlled and stable opening mechanism; the worm-drive and chain-driven scissor mechanism which really is unbeatable across the range for rigidity. That also means that it's virtually totally quiet as the fabric is in tension and doesn't move. So nice.

All sizes are available in an extra-long length (230cm) including the nice, big and comfy Large Extra-Long which has a 165 x 230 cm footprint. Please give us a call or shoot us a message about current availability. 

What we appreciate in roof top tents

Trying to decide between the boxy shape of the Airtop or Maggi pop-up roof top tent, or the clam-shell style Columbus? We've used both the boxy roof top tents (Maggi & Airtop) and the Columbus extensively and honestly it's hard to decide. The boxy space is really nice - overall there is a little more volume than in the Columbus but it feels very cozy. If you want to top and tail with some kids then it's easier; we've often slept one adult and two kids in a 1300 wide Maggi. 

 maggiolina internal height

The Maggiolina Range

The Maggi range is broad and comes in a variety of styles and colours. Ask us about ordering a Grand Tour, which has more volume in the shell and extra height internally, or the Extreme which has a roof rack built into the top shell with a load capacity of 25kg. The Maggi also comes in a 2300mm long option if you need the extra length. We don't stock all of these but are more than happy to make special orders with the factory in Italy. 

Opening the Maggiolina

The Maggi uses a winding handle to operate a worm-drive which in turn controls a large scissor mechanism. German hardware, beautifully made and reliable. Winding up the tent takes about half a minute. It's very controlled and when the tent is up it's very rigid and stable in high wind. 


autohome warranty 5 years


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