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Autohome Closures (Latches)

Autohome Closures (Latches)

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Hard Shell Roof Top Tent Closures

Although robust as all heck, should you damage your Autohome closure here we have them available for replacement.

We had a tent that was 40 years old with perfectly functioning everything, but it's possible these could get bent etc. 

There are a few different options here, to choose from, depending on the tent you have and what era it comes from. Autohome has been making tents since 1958, so there have been a couple of iterations over time.

Autohome closure options

M/C (pre 2020) for Maggiolina and Columbus tents pre 2020

M/C (pre 2020) with ring lock ring, for Maggiolina and Columbus tents

Airtop pre 2020, using a ratcheting closure.

M/C/A (post 2020) for the newer Maggiolina, Columbus & Airtop tents (post 2020). They share the same metal closure. 

M/C/A keyed closure (post 2020) for the newer tents

Lockable Roof Top Tent Latch

Autohome have also released a lockable closure to match their newer design. It comes with a key. Nice.

All closures come with the rivets or nuts/bolts you need to replace them.

Nicely made, in Italy


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