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Autohome Ladder

Autohome Ladder

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Autohome Hard Shell Roof Top Tent ladder

The Autohome ladder, designed to go with their (or any) hard shell roof top tents, is a bit of a work of art.

They come in different lengths, ranging from the 200 cm Standard ladder to the 222 cm 4x4 ladder and then the 247 cm Extra-Long

By faaaar the nicest ladder we've used, the Autohome ladder has a very nice rung with some surface texture and a rounded edge so that you can use it in socks or bare-feet comfortably (unlike the telescopic ladders we've come across which are a pain, literally).

It also has a really nice set of sprung clips, that you use to extend the ladder - they retract the pins that fix the ladder at a certain length, and the overall length can be varied.

We find that a two-part ladder is usually better than a telescopic ladder because it's about half the weight, and less fiddly to use.

The ladders come with a bag, so when you store it in the tent, pop the ladder in the bag and your bedding stays clean.

Ladders have two strong hooks that you can hook over the edge of the tent base, or any stout support such as the edge of your roof rack or roof gutter. 

Ladder rungs are 24 cm apart and the ladder is 32.3 cm wide overall. The height of the ladder can be adjusted in 10 cm increments.

Like the tents this ladder strikes that ever-sought-after balance of strength and light-weight. Totally rad.


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