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Autohome Kit Night - fitted sheet-set

Autohome Kit Night - fitted sheet-set

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Autohome Kit Night - 100% Italian Cotton fitted sheet-sets, for Hard Shell Roof Top Tents

Autohome have risen to the occasion of a totally comfy night in a tent, and made it easier and comfier with these sheet-sets. 100% cotton, and made in Italy, a high thread-count set of cotton sheets to go with your high-up bed.

Useful as they fit right. And very well finished in a pearl gray colour.

Included: 1 mattress cover, 1 bed sheet, 2/3/4 pillowcases (dependent on tent size)

Like any good quality cotton sheet and pillow cover set these are an investment in a lot of comfy nights. Like the roof top tents they go inside, a gift that keeps giving.

So nice. Don't give poly-cotton a chance. Tell it to get stuffed. Get a dooner on top of these sheets and camping is a whole other thing. Waking up to the view of a crisp mountain morning wrapped in Italian cotton... pricey. But worth it. Like Ariana Grande says, I want it, I got it.

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