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Autohome Kit Air; Roof Top Tent Fan

Autohome Kit Air; Roof Top Tent Fan

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Autohome Kit Air fan for Roof Top Tents

We were surprised by how nice these are - they are so smooth and so darn quiet. 

Improves the well-being of people inside roof tents, which improves everything when you're on the road checking out lovely places.

A reliable and compact little thing, it has a clamp-attachment so that it can be easily moved around - clip it to the side pockets in the tents, or to the overhead storage net.

The air direction and flow rate are adjustable and allow you to choose the right amount of breezy comfort.

Thanks to the fan, air circulation inside the tent and water vapor (condensation) outflow can be increased. Refresh the internal air quality of your tenty environment, keep it drier and maintain a state of internal balance and serenity - or at least if it's hot, keep cooler.

It works with a 12 Volt rechargeable battery which can be charged via USB. 

Like the neat Autohome LED light, this fan is as Derek Zoolander would say; really really really ridiculously good-looking. There is more to life than that, but it doesn't hurt.


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