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AeroPress Go Coffee Maker

AeroPress Go Coffee Maker

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From the makers of the iconic AeroPress, comes the Aeropress Go. A more compact version of the very good coffee maker, that packs up into the cup that comes with it. 

What we at the Overlanders reckon

we love the Aeropress and we've used it A LOT. ! Light and tough and can be chucked around in the kit or the boot. The Go, even more-so is held together in it's own neat compartment ie a decent sized cup.

You can add lots of water or just a little, depending on how strong you like your brew. You can brew it for a short time or use the inverted method and let the coffee brew for a couple of minutes.

It's never bitter or gritty.

Because you're adding hot water (as opposed to a stove-top coffee pot) it makes it easy to prepare as there are lots of ways to boil water, from a billy in the coals to a fast butane stove).

It's a nice, smooth, strong brew, and the method does a good job showing the flavours in the coffee. It'll make a decent brew from about any coffee, and if you're using good quality freshly roasted and freshly ground coffee it really does a stellar job of displaying the flavours.

What Aeropress have to say about the Go

The AeroPress Go is thoughtfully engineered to provide all the delicious brewing capabilities of the original AeroPress plus a convenient drinking mug that doubles as a carrying case. Like the original AeroPress, the AeroPress Go brews remarkably delicious filter coffee every time.

The AeroPress Go is optimised for traveling, camping, or just going to work by making it convenient and easy to take your AeroPress with you. Its smart design ensures that you will never be without delicious AeroPress brewed coffee wherever you go.

What's Included

  • Main Chamber
  • Plunger With Rubber Seal
  • Stirring Paddle
  • Measuring Scoop
  • Filter Basket
  • 350 x Filter Papers (1 Years Supply)
  • Filter Paper Holder
  • Mug
  • Lid
  • Multi-languages Instruction/Warranty Book

Aeropress Go Dimensions & Capacity

  • 14 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm (Mug with Lid on top)
  • Product Weight: 326g (all parts excluding papers)
  • Water Capacity: 237ml


Food-grade Polypropylene Plastic, BPA-Free, food-grade Non-toxic Silicone.

A winning recipe

by Tuomas Merikanto, Finland

  1. 11g coffee (Grind size: 11 clicks w/ Comandante).

  2. 200g water of 95°C.

  3. Double filter.

  4. Inverted method.

  5. Start with a fast pour of 60g water, stir for 15 sec.

  6. Pour the rest of the water (140g).

  7. Wet the filter paper and close the gap.

  8. Wait 2min 10s, light stir and push for 20sec.


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