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35cm Wrought Iron 'Quenched' Bigga Skillet

35cm Wrought Iron 'Quenched' Bigga Skillet

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Q135b 35cm Seasoned wrought-iron Bigga Skillet.

35cm Bigga Skillet, our BIGGEST skillet! 4mm thick wrought iron for very even heating. Aussie engineered dual handles for handling of heavy loads. We were a bit flummoxed by this pan but we quickly fell in love with it! It's great having all that pan real-estate, so much area to use, you can really spread things out. If we're cooking for a few or sharing a meal, this is the one we reach for. It's a serious pan.

Initially we were a bit dubious and wondered when we might have cause to use a large pan like this one. Now that we have them in our kitchen we're serious fans and just love having that space. You can put together a whole meal for 3-4 people in one pan. Even for 2 people it's nice. Lay out some broccoli and sausages or a piece of fish and let the flavors spread to everything. Great for a paella or in the oven virtually as a oven tray. And at camp it's brilliant, chuck it into a ground fire or on the fire pit and really you just need one pan. And another cool thing is if you have a second pan, they store together, one nesting into the other, and pan number 2 can be a lid for pan number 1. Super nice. 

L 44cm, Diam 35cm, H of bowl 5cm, 3.77 kg, 4.5L


Works great on/in any heat source, from induction to electric, gas, BBQ, and fire pits, any oven (except microwave!), while remaining warp-free and multi-century tough, even in restaurants.

100% made in Australia from clean heavy-metal-free Australian iron (very low carbon mild steel)

Patent-pending seamless, one piece, rivet-free construction for improved hygiene and multi-generation durability (warranty is multi-century)

Shot-peened to a satin finish, the rough surface grips seasoning better

We at The Overlanders have been using these for quite a while - life with a good skillet is just better than life without a good skillet - and these are hands-down good skillets.

They're great on any heat source including induction so take them camping, getting them properly black then back into the kitchen at home.

The pans, depending on size range in thickness from about 2.5mm to 4mm so typically about half the weight of cast iron.  So they heat up quickly and it's also a really nice even heat - enough steel to move the heat around without creating hot spots like thin pans do, but still responsive.

The handles are nice and long so they stay cool and you don't have to use a cloth to hold them when the pan is hot.

With basic seasoning your fried egg will slide around in these things just like it does in a non-stick pan. But you can also heat them up a lot and sear a steak in them, char things, use metal utensils, and treat them pretty rough and they bounce back and will keep doing so for your great-grand-children. No Teflon in the bin, just gorgeous Aussie steel that keeps giving. 

Darn good items, they become a camp-site mainstay. They're robust but also make life nice - take your best stuff to the best places we say - we love them.

Join the great solid teknics users facebook group for lots of tips and an active community using these pans every day.

And chat to us in store about ferritic stainless steel Noni, also by Solid Teknics, awesome nickel-free induction compatible pots and pans. 

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