Old hard shell roof top tent on a land rover. Autohome make the most lasting and highest quality light weight fiberglass roof top tents in the world since 1958. Overland comfort.

Waste, and helping make less

At The Overlanders we're a bit obsessed about not putting stuff in land-fill. When we choose products we want them to be ones that last - it's just a personal thing that we're mad about and we hope you can join us on this quest.

kings and darche roof top tents are probably in this pile of rubbish somewhere

We had a customer come in recently with a 40 year old Columbus - still going strong, not even a spare part needed - he came in to buy one for his daughter. When you hear so many stories of new hard-shell tents lasting one season that's a heart-warming tale.

Speaking of spare parts something we like about Autohome is that they are so good at providing them - should something be damaged every bit of the tents can be replaced. We stock spare fly screens, winder handles, even whole spare tent canvases are available in case it's chewed by a giant emu, or something like that.

Australians are pretty good at household recycling. In the last 20 years we have gone from recycling 15% of recyclable household waste to 95%. We are the world champs. Let's keep it up.

The frying pans we use come with multi-generation warranties - no fragile teflon coatings etc... we like stuff that's made tough enough that you can take a wire brush to it if you need to, and give it to your great grand children. We choose things made by the crafts-people that invented them and continue to make them; we want to protect the use of our resources and the quality of the stuff we sell. We want to keep overlanding and keep making this beautiful country better. No land fill. Yes please. 

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