francis birtles, overlander' hero, and an early overlanding legend in australia. If he was alive today he'd pack a solidteknics pan and throw on a hard shell roof top tent

Birtles and his dog Wowser

Francis Birtles

Francis Birtles was one of the great original overlanders, an inspirational character whose overlanding achievements are the stuff of legend. Birtles made goggles for his dogs Wowser and Dinkum to protect their eyes as they accompanied him, hurtling along in an open top vehicle. 

The goggled dog is the inspiration for our logo, paying homage to Birtles and his inspirational achievements. 

....But we can’t all be a hard bastard like Francis Birtles and in this century we don't have to. Check out our premium rooftop accommodation options.....adventure seriously and get a good sleep doing it. 
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